Sabudana Chivda/Sago Chivda

Post No. 188

This chivda is made of deep fried nylon sabudana mixed with fried peanuts. almonds and cashews. Its crispy texture and attractive pearly appearance and awesome taste make it popular.


½ cup nylon sago/sabudana

¼ cup peanuts

2 red chillies/chopped green chillies

¼ cup cashew nut

1/4 cup almond

1 tsp sugar

Salt as required

Some curry leaves

1tsp black pepper powder

Oil for frying


Heat oil in a kadai. Once the oil is hot add the peanuts and fry them till they are light golden brown in colour. Then remove it to a large bowl. Next add cashewnuts and almonds fry similarly till they are light golden in colour. Remove it to the same bowl.

Next Fry the sabudana in batches . Even though it looks crispy and puffed up  take your time and fry  till they are cooked from the center. Remove it into the same bowl. Similarly fry rest of the sabudana in batches. Now fry the chillies and curry leaves and add to the same bowl.

While they are hot add salt, sugar and black pepper. Mix well. Let it cool down completely and then store in an airtight container.

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