Butter Murukku

Butter murukku is a deep fried snack made with rice flour , butter and besan. It is a snack of South India. It can be made easily and the taste is yummy. You can use  ordinary rice flour to make this murukku



Rice flour                                 1 cup

Besan/  gram flour              1  1/2 tblsp

 Roasted gram dal flour    1 1/2 tblsp

Butter,                                        2 tsp

Jeera/cumin seed                 1  tsp

Asafoetida                             ½ tsp

Salt                                           As needed

Oil                                            To fry



Take rice flour, gram flour and roasted gram dal powder and sieve it well.

Take it in a bowl, add in the remaining ingredients except oil and water and rub with your finger to create a crumbly texture.

Now add in water slowly and knead to a soft dough.

Heat oil for deep frying.

Take small quantity of dough and put it in the Murukku Press with “single star” plate and squeeze it in circular motion on a greased plastic sheet or in  a banana leaf.

 Fry till it becomes crispy and nice golden yellow. 

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