Egg Chapati





Wheat  flour                                        – 1 cup

Egg                                                           – 3 nos

Chopped Onion                                  –  1 big

Chopped  green chillies                    – 2 nos

Chopped coriander leaves              – 2 tbsp

Oil/ Ghee                                               – 2 tbsp

Salt                                                           – As per taste

Water                                                      – As required



Take  a bowl and add flour, salt, and one spoon of ghee  and mix well. Pour water little by little and mix well until a dough is formed. Keep covered  and set aside for an hour so that the dough will become  soft.  Then remove the dough  and divide into balls. Roll them into chapatis.

Take a bowl  add the eggs, salt and beat well. Add chopped onions, green chilies and chopped coriander leaves to it

Place a tawa on flame after it heats up place the chapati on it, flip the chapati when you see small white spots. Now spread some ghee to the cooked side and flip again. Now pour the egg mixture slowly over the chapati. Spread the egg mixture to cover the chapatti. Then carefully fold the curved edges of the chapatis. It will look like a square now. Spread some ghee on the top and flip the side and cook until the egg  gets cooked well

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