Coleslaw salad dinner rolls

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Coleslaw dinner rolls are easy to make sandwiches suited for lunch, dinner or as evening snack. They are made with toasted dinner rolls and coleslaw. The coleslaw salad is stuffed between the buttery and crunchy dinner rolls. Try this coleslaw sandwich when your kids are bored with cheese and jam sandwiches


1 cup grated cabbage

1 cup grated carrots

1cup chopped capsicum

3 tblsp mayonnaise

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

Dinner rolls


Ingredients for Eggless Mayonnaise

½ cup chilled milk

1/2 cup virgin olive oil

¼ tsp mustard powder

¼ tsp black pepper powder

Salt to taste

2tbsp Vinegar/lemon juice

1tsp sugar

3 garlic


In a small blender jar add all the ingredients and blend for one minute at high speed

Coleslaw sandwich

Mix together mayonnaise, salt and pepper

Add cabbage, carrots and capsicum to the coleslaw dressing and mix well.

Slit the dinner roll and toast  over melted butter

Then stuff the coleslaw salad in  between the crunchy rolls

Close and enjoy this fresh sandwich

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