Naga Tomato Chutney

Post No.151

In our Indian food  journey we are in Nagaland today, another North eastern  state of India. A normal Naga meal includes rice, some kind of meat, boiled vegetables and spicy chili sauces or chutneys.  Their cooking method is simple without  much oil or no oil at all. Today’s recipe is a spicy and oil free Naga tomato chutney. All you have to do is add all the ingredients along with the water and cook. Once the water is all evaporated smash well with the back of a spoon and you are done. This tomato chutney goes well as a side dish for rice or even as a spread to your rotis or bread slices.


2 medium chopped tomatoes

3 chopped green chillies

3 chopped garlic pods

2inch grated ginger

A handful coriander sprigs and mint sprigs

Salt to taste

1 ½ cups water


Boil all the ingredients in a pan with water and salt.

Cook this until all the water is almost dried up.

Once  done smash it well with the back of a spoon or with a motor and pestle.

Serve this as a spread or as a side dish for Rice.

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