Onion Uttapam (Murugan Idli Style)

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Onion uttapam is a popular south Indian breakfast recipe made with dosa batter. Murgan idli shop is a chain of restaurants based in the city of Madurai  in Tamilnadu. The best place to have different varieties of idli and dosa.They do prepare these  onion uttapam using shallots or small onions with a spoon of butter on the top. I happened to visit this place when I visited Madurai. So this time I am trying out the Murugan idli style onion uttappam and the Ghee Podi Onion uttapam .Onion uttapam tastes best when served with chutney or sambar.


1 cup dosa batter

25  nos shallots/small onions

5 tbsp gingerly oil/ghee

2 tbsp butter

A pinch of salt


Peel the skin of small onions and thinly slice the onions. Add a pinch of salt to the sliced onion and keep it aside.

Heat a dosa pan when it becomes hot pour a ladle full of batter to make a small circle. Cook in a medium flame

Add a handful of sliced onions which should cover the entire circle. Drizzle a tablespoon of oil to it

Gently pat the uttapam with spatula  so that onions will stick to the batter. When it is partially cooked just flip the uttapam

Keep in a medium flame for a minute or until the onions get golden brown and crisp

Serve hot topped with butter

Ghee Podi Onion Uttapam

For ghee podi onion uttapam , pour a laddle of batter to the pan. Smear a teaspoon of idli podi on the top. After that add the sliced  onions/shallots  and again smear a teaspoon of idli podi. Add two teaspoon of ghee to it. When it is partially cooked flip the uttapam. Keep on a medium flame for a minute and serve hot.

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