Banana Puttu/Nendrapazham Puttu

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Puttu is the traditional breakfast of kerala. There are many varieties of puttu. Here I am featuring how to make banana puttu or Nendrapazham puttu. It a healthy food because it is cooked in steam. Hope you will enjoy in making this breakfast  in a lazy morning. Soon I will be adding more puttu ideas and combinations.


2 cup Rice flour

1 cup grated coconut

4 tblsp sugar

2 Ripe Banana

Salt to taste

Water as needed


Chop the bananas. Then add sugar to it and mix well.

Take rice flour in a bowl . Add in salt and mix well. Sprinkle water and rub with the fingers till it forms like crumbs. It should look wet and coarse.

Puttu is prepared with puttu maker which consists of a pot and a cylindrical tube(puttu kutti) with a perforated lid

Now you can start filling the puttu kutti.  Add banana coconut mixture into puttu maker  followed by a handful of wet flour. Then again top it with banana coconut mixture. Like this layer the puttu kutti. Boil water in the pot and place the puttu kutti on the pot and close it with perforated lid. Steam and cook for 10 minutes

Banana puttu is ready to serve

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