Sarkara Upperi/ jaggery coated banana chips

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Kerala banana or Nendra  pazham is  one of  the common types of bananas available in kerala and it is one of the staple fruit of the state. A part from eating raw it is used to make various dishes  from starters to desserts. In this recipe post I am sharing a detailed method of making jaggery coated banana chips or sarkara upperi. It is one of the must have dishes in any sadya (feast). Soon I will be including all other  dishes  that can be made with this Nendra  Variety  of Banana.


1 kg Raw plantain (Nendra Kaaya)

250 gram jaggery   

 1 tbsp Powdered sugar  

1tsp  cardamom  powder   

1 tbsp Ginger powder

½ tsp Cumin powder

1tbsp Rice flour  

1 tbsp ghee

Oil for frying


Peel off the plantain skin and cut each of them into half lengthwise, cut each into i/2 cm thick pieces and keep it aside

Heat oil in pan . when the oil is really hot reduce the flame to medium and add the sliced bananas into oil. Gently toss them  till chips are golden and crisp. It takes around 15-20 minutes.  When you feel the crispness of the chips take the chips out of the oil and let it cool down.

Melt the jaggery by adding ¼ cup of water . once the jaggery becomes thick and form  one string consistency ( to check the consistency put one drop of jaggery in to cold water , if it is of the right consistency it won’t dissolve and should form a pearl drop) then add cumin powder, dry ginger powder and cardamom powder and mix well. Now add the fried chips and keep stirring until the syrup is absorbed and then  switch off the flame.

Finally add rice flour, ghee and powdered sugar and keep mixing. This gives a nice appearance and the pieces do not stick to one another.

Allow to cool down and then store in an air tight container.

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