Dahi Chura

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After Assam, now we are travelling towards Bihar an Indian state situated in the Eastern part of India. Presenting for you with a healthy traditional breakfast from Bihar – Dahi Chura- flattened rice mixed with curd and topped with fruits and nuts. Dahi is yogurt or curd and poha/flattened rice is known as Chura  in  Bihar and hence the name Dahi Chura. Traditionally Dahi Chura with jaggery is eaten on the Maker Sankranti day.


½ cup Poha/flattened Rice/Chura

1 cup Yogurt/Dahi

½ cup chopped fruits

2 tbsp Jaggery/Honey

1 tbsp chopped nuts


Wash the poha under running water. Drain it nicely and leave it for ten minutes. If it is thick poha soak it in water for 5 minutes

Whip the yogurt well with honey or Jaggery. Add in soaked Poha  and fresh fruits

Top it with chopped nuts and serve immediately

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