Rava Idli



Rava/Semolina                   2 cups

Curd                                          1 cup

Grated carrot                         1 cup

Grated ginger                         2 teaspoon

Green chilles chopped         3 nos

Cashew nut broken                10-12nos

Eno salt                                     2 teaspoon

Ghee                                           2 tablespoon

Mustard  seeds                       1 teaspoon

Chana dal                                  2 teaspoon

Urad dal                                    2  teaspoon

Curry leaves                            2 sprigs

Water                                         3 cups

Salt to taste 


Heat ghee in a Kadai and add mustard seed . When it crackle add chana dal and urad dal. Saute until dal turns light brown. Add curry leaves and cashewnuts and sauté for a minute

Add Rava and mix well. Roast it on a medium flame until it turns light brown. Transfer it to a plate and allow to cool

Mix curd, chopped green chillies, grated ginger, chopped carrot and salt in a bowl. Add roasted Rava and mix well. If the batter is thick add little water. Keep the batter aside for 15 minutes to settle

Pour 2 glass of water in a steamer and heat over medium flame. Grease the idli plates with oil. Add eno salt to the batter and mix well. Pour batter in greased idli plates and steam on medium flame for 15 minutes

Turn off the flame after 15 minutes and remove from steamer. When it cools down, remove the idli from it. Serve it with coconut Chutney.  You can make about 20 Rava idlies with this.









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